About Venturing Vagabond

Welcome to my Adventure Travel blog! Home of Motorcycle Roadtrips, Backpacking Treks, and Adventure Tech/Gear.

If things don’t get too out of control, we’ll head in a sensible direction toward a space to channel the excess energy from my myriad adventures. But embark we shall, for no good adventure began with the words, “meh, I’ll start tomorrow.”

So to reiterate, I can’t see past the horizon of this venture, but to be honest I kinda like it that way. Minimize expectations, which is usually when I get my best stuff done anyways. What grinds my gears is planning for perfection, or paralysis analysis, or another as good, if not better, form of melodic rhetoric.

I think about travelling a lot. More accurately, I think about adventuring a good deal. And by adventuring I mean the whole dog gone process: hearing about something epic that requires conquesting, calculating the optimal gear, actually doing the thing, documenting and conducting the trip itself, then telling a good story to wrap it all up.

Over the last several years I’ve cultivated a travel lifestyle by accident. Be it deliberate stubbornness or an acute interest, I couldn’t see fit to turn down an opportunity to define a direction, wading through the pitfalls and shenanigans that presented themselves while ascending each rung of the ladder to the top. To be clear, I never quite made it to “the top”, but I certainly climbed up as far as I cared to go.

More on that later.

If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, then per the Golden Rule of Backpacking: head down, one foot in front of the other, maintain forward momentum.

What I plan to do here is keep going on adventures like a 6-day backpacking trip to Machu Picchu, a month long scamper up the coast from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, and a six month motorcycle roadtrip, then play around with some thoughts and footage in the ol’ editing office.

This blog begins with my ride around the country on the back of a controlled explosion encased in iron. Its core encompassed by 15,000 miles of roads and bridges and canyons, of the gear I packed for this or that purpose, and of my feeble attempt to understand our collective unconscious along the way, starting with an unexpected dive into myself.

But I suppose evolution occurs while lumbering through life’s deep mysteries, our forward momentum carving its groove through the flesh of the earth while we fret amongst ourselves over various skin conditions; meanwhile gas prices are still going up dog gone it! I for one am unafraid to alter my meager opinion when presented with compelling evidence to the contrary. In fact, I thoroughly enjoy adjusting myself in public, especially when guided to a truth with a bit more flesh than “just because.”

I’m curious about our current phase of evolution, as we travel through the era of the solar plexus, or our current saecula in this ongoing saeculum. This blog is my expression of that curiosity, typically with an optimistic perspective, but we do all have Mondays.

Please leave any comments, thoughts, suggestions, and anything else constructive in the comments below. And if you’re extra righteous, please share, subscribe, or even commission if ya REALLY dig what Venturing Vagabond is all about!

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